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I can’t say if it’s a bubble or not, but there is a huge rush towards it. The market is very bullish right now,” he said. “Corrections always can happen, but this is not hype any more. We think this is a fundamental change to the economy, and definitely this will set the scene for the future.” Vortex, on the other hand, sees a correction in the currency as inevitable, but not something that will put much of a dent in its meteoric rise. “Bitcoin’s been on a pretty visible stair step pattern for the second half of this year following a more long-term textbook parabolic trend. There will be pull-backs of course, but they are becoming increasingly short lived as the thousands fly by now, that we’ve surpassed the $10k price point. The dot com bubble at its height was in the trillions, and the crypto market cap is still only roughly $300 billion at the time of this writing. We’ve still got a long way to go.”